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Ruby 2 
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Ruby 2 is a wing dedicated to progression in distance flights. 

It will offer you exceptional performance and handling, with optimal passive safety. 

With it, count the kilometers under your feet and the hours of pleasure in the air!

Chaîne de montagnes

Who is the Ruby 2 pilot ?

For licensed pilots, distance flying enthusiasts and regulars in their practice.

Ruby 2 is most useful during distance flights with frequent use of the accelerator. Its glide, power and speed will help you push your limits and navigate your mountain range through the air. 



Ruby 2 is powerful and has an insane glide ratio. This results in an easy inflation on takeoff and very rapid handling.

Its turn is incisive, with an easy to control roll. Resources are very low in accelerated flight, and will cause you to float in turbulence.

Risers steering

Ruby 2 is an excellent distance wing. In addition to its high-end performance, it is equipped with an optimized throttle system and risers allowing B/C steering. The sensations are similar to a wing with 2 risers. 

Latest generation lines

A clever mix of lines made in Germany for optimal durability and foolproof rigidity. Ruby 2's lines are made of Dyneema and Kevlar.

First class fabric

The qualities of the fabrics used on our paragliders are internationally renowned, and are used by the big names in the market. We are delighted to offer our wings on Dominico and Porcher depending on the parts of the assembly. 

Main qualities

Ruby 2 - Distance Flight

Exceptional plan

Glide ratio greater than 10.

Smooth steering

Thermal brakes. 

At the rear during acceleration.

Racy look

High aspect ratio and powerful turn.

Technical data

Size 22 available in HF version (light fabric)

In-flight weights, in summary. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 10.31.45.png

2 colors: Royal and White

Box contents:

-Compression bag

-Compression strap

-riser pocket

-Repair kit

2 years warranty



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