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 E.N. B Tandem


Budy is a versatile two-seater wing! Maximum lift at takeoff, high finesse, comfortable high arm speed, and precise rounding... what more could you ask for?

Enjoy the comfort of the flight and satisfy your passenger 100%.


Who is Budy's pilot?

Professional, leisure pilot, club pilot, the Budy will suit everyone. Used by the Markstein School Center team, it is a first choice wing. Only one prerequisite: the two-seater qualification!


Behavior on the ground

Budy rises slowly and steadily, with no hard spots. A marked delay will be necessary to synchronize it with your race. This will result in extremely rapid handling with a comfortable glide on gently sloping take-off areas. 

In flight

Budy is a two-seater with an excellent glide. Its turn is relatively wide and incisive in the thermal, with firm braking. Quality braking will land you horizontally with every flight, perfectly and precisely rounding your trajectory. 


Equipped with trimmers, the Budy two-seater can accommodate a wide range of passengers with a speed optimized according to the load. We recommend adjusting the trims before takeoff depending on the passenger's weight. Most of the time it will be perfect in neutral. 


Dominico, Liros, Edelrid. These big names in the outdoor industry are our suppliers. We use the best line spools and fabric to guarantee a durable and reliable product. Budy has been load tested to 220kg and features oversized lines. 

Main qualities

Budy - Tandem


Less pitching and rolling for a passenger with a smile.


No more time finding a thermal.


Tolerant of low speeds and variations in incidence.

Technical data

2 colors: Green, Blue.

Box contents:

-Compression bag

-Compression strap

-riser pocket

-Repair kit

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