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Cosy 2 HF
Light E.N. B


In Hike & Fly, the Cozy 2 HF will accompany you everywhere, in complete lightness! Without any compromise, it is a perfect second sail for backpacking flights or traveling. 

Its lightweight fabric guarantees you lots of fun in the air, for any type of flight. 

Who is the pilot of Cosy 2 HF?

After having achieved autonomy with a beginner's wing, discovered his first thermals and explored the ways of paragliding, the newly licensed pilot knows better what he wants. 

The Cozy 2 HF pilot wants more performance and precision by going under a B-approved wing. Flying/hiking enthusiasts will opt for this HF version: compact and light. 



The Cosy 2 HF inflates even more easily than its classic version. It rises in one piece, with excellent refocusing capacity when climbing and running. Its pronounced roll offers a precise and constant turn during your thermal climbs. Once accelerated: it stabilizes and almost no longer rolls. Welcome to the next level! 

A real SUV

The Cosy 2 HF, a second wing in a pilot's life, allows access to any type of flight. Powerful enough for cross country, fun enough for soaring, safe enough to carry in a small bag when traveling:

a “B all-round”. 

Pleasure of piloting

Return to stable flight after a stall or collapse is automatic and does not require specific action. 

The lightness of the Cosy 2 HF gives it increased liveliness compared to its classic version. 


The Cosy 2 HF is made of white Porcher fabric on the lower surface and colored Dominico on the upper surface. This results in the best compromise in terms of durability and the best possible quality/price ratio. 

Main qualities

Cozy 2 HF - Lightweight multi-purpose paraglider


The best corner in its category.


The wing for your first real distance flights.


A hiking wing for every day

Technical data

Size 28 available in classic version.

In-flight weights, in summary. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 15.33.31.png

2 colors: Red & Royal

Box contents:

-Compression bag

-Compression strap

-riser pocket

-Repair kit

2 years warranty


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