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Cozy - the most versatile wing

The most versatile wing


The Cozy is the second wing in a pilot's life. It targets the “sweet spot”, the perfect balance between performance, accessibility and maneuverability. It is with this wing that you will do your first beautiful cross-country skiing and that you will become an experienced pilot. 

Approved EN B, the Cozy is a forgiving wing that will allow you to progress peacefully while having fun.

About the Cozy 

Versatility rhymes with performance 

Comfort, efficiency, high performance, these are the objectives of the Cozy. Precision in steering, finesse in turns, it will transport you on the best adventures. Everything becomes simpler with the Cozy. It doesn't require much effort and lets the rider enjoy it to the fullest. This strong and stable wing has a smooth glide in accelerated flight. It is easy to control in strong winds thanks to its superb maneuverability. Moreover, its stable flight behavior in all its speed ranges ensures your safety.

Designed for all pilots

With this accessible wing designed for progression, you will become a better pilot. Thanks to its great versatility, it will be able to transport its pilot in a spirit of freedom, adventure and sport. It is intended for a wide range of pilots. Once very comfortable under an A-wing, choose the Cozy as a second wing and broaden your horizons. Experienced pilots will know how to use this wing without stress. It ensures maximum safety while providing superb performance. Its possibilities of use range from hike and fly to travel flight and bivouac flight. . The sensations felt with this sail are unlimited. 

Fun in complete safety

The Cozy meets all the requirements of the European standard in its category. All sizes have successfully passed load, shock and flight tests. Even in turbulent conditions, the sail absorbs all air movements and demonstrates great stability thanks to its high degree of safety passive. Innovative technologies give the Cozy a high level of safety. Indeed, thanks to its shark-nose leading edge, its stall point is very low. In addition, it does not require much effort from the pilot, which reduces over-steering.

The benefits of Cozy 

-Very reassuring and very accessible, the Cozy will put you at ease.

-It demonstrates very good damping while maintaining simple handling

-The sail full of character has very great potential in flight and offers pleasant, comfortable and fine piloting.

-The leading edge is specially designed to achieve a stable glide, to absorb turbulence and convert it into buoyancy.

-Impressive glide ratio for its category.

Fun but smooth handling

-Nitinolated ribs

-Great potential for progression.

-Great look.

cozy leading edge


nitinol cozy

Nitinol rods

The Way wings have already taken the next step by opting for Nitinol rods, a titanium-nickel alloy used in radio modeling. The result: A leading edge that is always clean and taut, even at low angles of attack. Robustness is also improved, as well as the durability of the structure. Although more expensive, we have opted for Nitinol to offer you the best free flight experience.


Shark nose leading edge

This technology dramatically improves the strength of the leading edge in the event of a sudden drop in angle of attack, delays closures and increases stability in accelerated flight. We have surpassed what was possible thanks to 3D imaging coupled with more advanced knowledge than ever of mechanical resistance. Sailmaking mastery has been taken to the next level.

The result is also more aesthetic, with a clean and taut leading edge in all circumstances. 

cozy fabric

Optimal fabric strength

We do not save on materials, the same goes for fabric. This is a high-end Porcher and Dominico Tex fabric designed in high-level design offices with cutting-edge software. On a Way wing, the tension is always in the direction of the weft of the fabric, and we avoid any diagonal tension in order to avoid any elasticity. The result: minimal deformation and maximum durability. Your Way wing will last longer. 


Hybrid elevators

Light and strong hybrid risers: Thin and comfortable. The best of both worlds.

The Lacy's upper and middle lines were designed from unsheathed Aramid Edelrid and the lower lines from sheathed Aramid TNL. Such a combination demonstrates high efficiency.  

Technical Data







The accessories included in the delivery allow optimal transport and storage of the sail. 


Acompression bag Zippered to protect the wing during storage and transport. Our compression system allows the wing to be tucked into the smallest reversible harnesses.

Acompression strap which will compress the inner bag to reduce its volume and save space. 

Arepair kit including a sheet of Rispstop sticker in the same color as the sail.


Abackpack to transport your wing and harness from home to take off.



You can directly download the Cozy user manual. This manual contains important information regarding the use of your paraglider. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of your new sail. It is strongly recommended that you read this manual carefully before your first flight with the wing. You will also find the approval sheets for each size of the Cozy wing. 

Cozy User Manual
Technical data
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