Which size is best ?

Any pilot can fly any size, since load test has been mad up to 124 kg. 

By the way, the smaller, the faster. If you have the level to fly this ultra-high-end wing, you already know your size.


16 sqm is for light weight acro pilots, flying around 85kg with gear.

17 sqm seems ideal around 85-95kg in flight weight.

18 sqm is great between 90-100kg

19 sqm will suit the heaviest or less experienced pilots between 90 and 110 kg.


The accessories included in the delivery allow for optimal transport and storage of the sail. 

Sexy 2 is only available on order, as it is a rare wing.

A zippered compression bag to protect the wing during storage and transport. Our compression system allows the wing to be retracted into the smallest reversible harnesses.

A superb wing. it will allow you to take great infinity selfies, learn Joker, and win Organya Acro Game.

A compression strap that will compress the inner bag to reduce its volume and save space.

A repair kit including a sheet of Ripstop sticker in the same colour as the wing. 


Here you can download the certification form for each size. 

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