Sexy 2  Acro wing

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Sexy 2 is our pure aerobatics wing. It has been designed to be easy and versatile.

What's better than Sexy 1 ? It is way more precise, agile, and powerful ! 




Sexy 2 is way more agile and compact than Sexy 1. Handling has been improved to help you progress in the latest tricks connexions. ​

The glide ratio has been improved which allows higher altitudes in competition boxes.


Feeling is amazing under a Sexy. Ground handling has never been so reactive. Turns are incredibly accurate and smooth whatever the size you use. It makes thermalling easier, and gets you high faster.



Sexy 2 is now a pure acro wing dedicated to experienced acro pilots. Biggest size is 19. We recommend to learn basic tricks on an easier certified wing before purchasing a Sexy 2.​



All sizes allow to perform SAT, Heli, and connexions. Sexy has been designed to satisfy the actual standard in acro. Just try a nice Esfera with any size or a Mac Twist with the smallest ones !​

Sexy 2 is way easier than its predecessor, meanwhile it has stronger shoots and shorter brake range. 



Nitinol rods 

The Way wings have already taken the next step by choosing rods made of Nitinol, a titanium-nickel alloy used in radiomodelling. The result: A leading edge that is always clean and tight even at low angles of incidence. This also improves the strength and durability of the structure. Although more expensive, we have opted for Nitinol to offer you the best free flight experience.


Optimal fabric strength 

We do not save on materials, nor on fabrics. It is a top-of-the-range Porcher and Dominico Tex fabric designed in top-level design offices with state-of-the-art software. On a Way wing, the tension is always in the direction of the fabric weft, and we avoid any diagonal tension to avoid any elasticity. The result: minimal deformation and maximum durability. Your Way wing will last longer. 


Intrados air flaps

This technology improves stability in helicopters and stalls. it will let you more time to connect twisters, SATs to helic, etc. 


Rigid leading edge

Sexy 2 leading edge is as clean as possible thanks to high end construction methods. 

It helps having the cleanest shoots possible and a durable wing, tumbling after tumbling. 

Which size is best ?

Any pilot can fly any size, since load test has been mad up to 124 kg. 

By the way, the smaller, the faster. If you have the level to fly this ultra-high-end wing, you already know your size.


16 sqm is for light weight acro pilots, flying around 85kg with gear.

17 sqm seems ideal around 85-95kg in flight weight.

18 sqm is great between 90-100kg

19 sqm will suit the heaviest or less experienced pilots between 90 and 110 kg.

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I usually fly a 17 sqm acro glider, which size should I chose ?

Sexy is powerful. 18 sqm would be the best option, offering you the same power as an average 17 acro wing with the thermalling ability of an 18sqm.

When is it best to switch from a certified wing to a Sexy 2 ?

If you want to learn acro, make sure to master stall, SAT, helicopters and wing overs with your "big" certified wing before flying a Sexy 2. Sexy 2 is also great for soaring and freeride.

So Sexy 2 is a good freestyle wing for beginners ?

Not at all. It has been designed for the most extreme levels of performance. We highly recommend a strong experience in acro.
The good progression for us : Master all tricks on a school wing, then with a "cool" freestyle wing between 19 and 23 sqm. Then you will be able not to call your mother under a Sexy 2.

Can I go fly cross country with a Sexy ?

Yes you can, but you will not beat the FAI triangle record with it. Let's be honest, if you chose a Sexy, it is not for flying straight even if it flies great. Thermalling is super easy with a Sexy but the glide ratio is not like a CCC. There is NO compromise on the market, XC is done with XC wings. That's it.

Why are Way Gliders wings less expensive than other brands ?

The reason is simple, we only sell online via . Direct sale allows us to give you the best price on the market. No discount, no bargaining, no bull****, we directly offer the fairest price.

Where can I try a Sexy 2 ?

Sometimes in Organya when our pilots fly there. Otherwise, sorry we don't have a demo-wings-park.

Can I have my own colours ?

Of course ! We provide custom colours for an extra 190€ and 8-10 weeks production, which still places the Sexy below its opponents price.

Is there any chance to get a discount or to get sponsored ?

Yes. Here is how we rate and discount Sexy 2 (including VAT and shipping to France):


The accessories included in the delivery allow for optimal transport and storage of the sail. 

Sexy 2 is only available on order, as it is a rare wing.


A zippered compression bag to protect the wing during storage and transport. Our compression system allows the wing to be retracted into the smallest reversible harnesses.


A superb wing. it will allow you to take great infinity selfies, learn Joker, and win Organya Acro Game.

A compression strap that will compress the inner bag to reduce its volume and save space.

A repair kit including a sheet of Ripstop sticker in the same colour as the wing. 


Here you can download the certification form for each size. 


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