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About way 

Flight spirit 

"Way" was born in 2016 from the passion of flying.

Built on innovative ideas, the Way wings are designed and adjusted by the team. We pay particular attention to the efficiency, durability, and style of the wings.

We are instructors and guiding pilots towards their path is our job, our life. Thanks to the gigantic experience of the team, we know how to guide pilots in a safe and relevant progression.



We have chosen to innovate in terms of the means of distribution on the paragliding market, which has a segment that has not yet been exploited. We sell the Way brand directly to the customer. This means that there is no more intermediaries. This solution allows us to create and obtain high-performance high-tech sails at unbeatable prices and by being in direct contact with you. The basic idea was to offer a high-performance new sail at a price located at the end of production destocking level. Indeed, you can obtain sails at 25% or even 30% below the usual selling price.  Everyone has the opportunity to find their own way of flying and progress in new and good quality equipment. What is important is not the possession of the sail but the use of the sail and the fun. 


What matters is to fly

When the two founders started paragliding, the most important thing was to have a good time in the air with friends. The passion they have for that sport made them progress a lot. 

That's why WAY exists; to allow you to find exactly what you need to free yourself, to make you progress, to find your way. These sails let you do what you want. There are many ways to fly, and through paragliding and Way, each individual can express himself. The important thing is to find your way in free flight, not to have the equipment to dream about it.

Each sail has different messages to convey. 

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, looking for a challenge or have a small budget, Way is designed for everyone.  


Quality and responsibility 

Our wings are designed in Europe and made in Viet Nam in one of the most high tech factories. Way paragliders are certified and we offer 2 years warranty. On top of that, you will always have someone to talk with, about your next wing or about any other subject related to our products. As pilots, instructors and salesmen, we will always  dou our best to satisfy our pilots.

The goal is to find your way and to free yourself. 


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