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sweet  mountain wing

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Sweet is awesome. 

We built it as a multi purpose wing.

The Concept:
A Lightweight, safe wing for all levels and practices. From hiking to travel, through speed flying and speed soaring, the load makes the level ! The ideal second wing, and even the main gear for small weights.
Its +:
- Certified in 19 sqm(expected EN B up to 75 kg, mini nice paragliding beyond) and 23 sqm (in progress)
- available in 15 and 17 (version "blow" test load up to 120 kg for all sizes)
- Self-stable on pitch axis (see photos and video)
- exceptional handling for a wing of its category
- light materials but reinforced leading edge and low lines for more durability. Weight Less than 3 kg in 19
- Light weight risers or trimmers, wether you prefer hiking or soaring.


Some pilots will fly it as a second wing for soaring or hike and fly. Others will chose it for its simplicity as a main wing. 

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