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Ruby - XC at your fingertips

the accessible XC wing

Ruby is a dedicated XC wing. It aims to offer you the best available performance with a light and nimble machine. With Ruby, the only limit you have is the daytime. This could be the wing of your 1st 100km flight !

about ruby


A perfect leading edge and surface, state of the art engineering, slick uppersurface, everything has been designed for the highest levels of performance. With 57 cells, we did not compromise. Ruby is gorgeous.

Light weight

Ruby uses all the lightest materials, from the fabrics to the risers, through connectors. The result is a compact and agile wing. 

Inflating and kiting the Ruby feels super light and easy thanks to 27g/sqm Porcher fabric. You think light gear is fragile ? We bet you will never finish your Ruby ! This is 2020, light is durable.

Safe and stable

A good XC wing is stable on pitch and roll axis, this is the recipe of performant glides. Ruby's stability will make you comfortable and zen during transitions, especially while pushing the speedbar. 

Floating is also great, as you will never feel rough pitch movements. Ruby is smoothening bumpy air !

The benefits of ruby

-Very gentle and accessible, the wing will give you confidence.

-Super easy inflating and taking off thanks to lightweight.

-Awesome glide ratio : 100 km flights, here we are !

-Nitinol rods

-Great progression potential.

-Flashy colours ! 

Capture d’écran 2020-06-04 à
Capture d’écran 2020-06-04 à



Nitinol rods 

The Way wings have already taken the next step by choosing rods made of Nitinol, a titanium-nickel alloy used in radiomodelling. The result: A leading edge that is always clean and tight even at low angles of incidence. This also improves the strength and durability of the structure. Although more expensive, we have opted for Nitinol in order to offer you the best free flight experience.

Capture d’écran 2020-06-04 à

Leading edge in shark nose

This technology dramatically improves the strength of the leading edge in case of sudden drop in incidence, delays closures and increases stability in accelerated flight. We have surpassed what was possible thanks to 3D imaging coupled with a more advanced knowledge than ever of mechanical resistance. The control of the sailmaking has been taken to the next level.

The result is also more aesthetic, with a clean and taut leading edge in all circumstances. 


Optimal fabric strength 

We do not save on materials, nor on fabrics. It is a top-of-the-range Porcher and Dominico Tex fabric designed in top-level design offices with state-of-the-art software. On a Way wing, the tension is always in the direction of the fabric weft, and we avoid any diagonal tension to avoid any elasticity. The result: minimal deformation and maximum durability. Your Way wing will last longer. 


Light risers

Light and strong light risers. Thin and comfortable. 

Risers is a key factor of lightness, and dyneema is the solution to this need. Without compromising on safety, these risers are linking the pilot with the wing using dyneema soft links. The result is a 400g weight gain !

Technical data 

logo ruby blanc.jpg
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The accessories included in the delivery allow for optimal transport and storage of the wing.

A zippered compression bag to protect the wing during storage and transport. Our compression system allows the wing to be retracted into the smallest reversible harnesses.

A compression strap that will compress the inner bag to reduce its volume and save space.


A repair kit including a sheet of Ripstop sticker in the same colour as the wing. 

A backpack to carry your wing and your harness from home to take off place.

sac portage WAY.jpeg

available ON:


You can directly download the Ruby user manual. This manual contains all important information about the use of your paraglider. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with the main features of your new sail. It is strongly recommended to read this manual carefully before your first flight with the kite. Moreover, you can also download the certification form for each size. 

Ruby user manual
Ruby technical manual

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