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payment & shipping


We are committed to displaying our actual stock or to providing you with the most accurate delivery time possible. Do not hesitate to contact us. 

At the time of shopping cart, a small red message may appear indicating that the product is not in stock and will be shipped after restocking. A short e-mail or a call to Rid'Air will set you on the deadline. To conclude the order of a wing, we ask for a cash payment or at least a deposit of 600€ via our secure payment system.

A product in stock is shipped within 48 hours of your order, it is our guarantee.




shipping undertakes to ship the products in stock 48 hours after the order. We display our actual stock.

Most of the wings are not in stock ("delivery time: consult us"), but are available for purchase on Before validating a wing order, contact us to know the time frame of the desired model. Many models are available very quickly from our suppliers, do not hesitate!

We ship our packages via colissimo tracking or global relay. 


The payment methods accepted are as follows:

-Credit card


-Bank transfer

Our payment system is at the forefront of security, and we guarantee the total confidentiality of your details during your registration and transactions. 

We do not have access to your bank details, they remain strictly confidential between you and our bank. (La Banque Populaire)

secure payment


Metropolitan France: 0€


Western Europe: 15,90€

Switzerland (sale excluding tax): 13,25€


Shipping costs are offered beyond 199€ of order to metropolitan France only.



tax-free sales in Switzerland and elsewhere

We offer Swiss nationals and residents in Switzerland the sale without tax in order to pay only Swiss VAT (or any country outside the EU). This often allows great savings because the French VAT is 20%! You have 2 options:


1) Distance selling with direct shipment within Switzerland or outside the EU.  

Once your material has been added to the basket, mention the delivery in Switzerland and the price excluding VAT will be displayed. For a quick calculation of the price excluding VAT, simply divide the selling price including VAT by 1.2. 

In the case of a personalized quote, for a wing or harness for example, we produce an HT invoice that already includes the discount we offer our customers on flight equipment. 

Once the equipment has been paid for, we will send you the goods with the CN23 customs clearance form. The VAT will be charged by the supplier, in an amount equal to 8% of the total excluding VAT. A "tax" is requested by the postman in Switzerland equal to 3% of the invoice amount. 


2) On-site collection with tax exemption. 

The customer collects the equipment from us and pays the amount including VAT.

To do so, he will have to have previously sent us copies of his passport or identity card and a certificate of residence in the country where he lives.

The traveller presents himself at a customs post at the French border with the export sales slip and the goods. Customs officers validate this export to be centralized on the customs site, to which we have access, and which allows us to justify this sale before tax. This operation is mandatory. 

It is the only proof for us that the goods have been exported, therefore to justify a sale before tax.


During your visit with us we will ask you for the total amount including VAT of your purchase.


From then on, you will pay taxes in the country you will enter, in Switzerland it is 8%. 


When, on the customs site, we will have confirmation that the tax exemption has been granted we will proceed:

- By transfer (please provide us with your RIB) of the VAT, less the cost of the transfer operation.

- If you have left us a cheque for the amount of VAT, we will tear it up or return it to you.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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